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March 2024

Bill Dow, Sales Director - Westell Technologies, Inc.

Topic: Emergency Responder Communications Enhancement Systems (ERCES)

January 2024

Speaker: Brad R Kappeler, Autocall Business Development Manager, Johnson Controls Global Fire Protection Products                                                

Topic: Introduction to New Fire Alarm Technology Addressable Notification and 29 V Power Supply

November 2023

Joshua Overholt, Senior Special Hazards Technical Advisor, Viking Corporation

Topic:  Fluorine Free Foam

September 2023

Speaker: Chris McCarthy - Edwards

Topic: New UL 268 7th Edition – Smoke Detector Standard

May 2023

Speaker: Tim Gleich – BWA South Co., Representing Zurn Wilkins      
Topic: An applications/installation review for Double Check, Double Detector Check and Reduced Pressure backflow units   

March 2023

Speaker - Mike Nagy - FireFlex Systems         

Topic: Vactec - Integrated Vacuum Fire Protection Systems.  This vacuum technology provides inherent corrosion inhibiting capability by removing oxygen and moisture from the piping network. 

January 2023

Danielle Purewal – Radix Wire & Cable – Business Unit Manager, Fire Protection Products.  

Topic: Two Hour Fire Rated Products For Pathway Survivability Requirements

November 2022

Bryan Berkley – Viking Corporation – Business Development

Bryan will discuss 1) Advantages of using Attic Sprinklers over Standard Spray Sprinklers, 2) Challenges of combustible interstitial space fires and how to provide protection for them, 3) The necessity of using Institutional Sprinklers, 4) How Window Sprinklers allow for architectural freedom in building design, 5) Challenges of ever-increasing storage heights and the sprinklers that address them.


Additionally, there will be a check presentation to the OSU and NCH Burn Center Units.


September 2022

Lainey Liotta – Sr. Fire Protection Market Manager

Lubrizol – A Berkshire Hathaway Company            

Lainey will be discussing UL Listed Antifreeze for Fire Protection Systems and the importance of the Sept 30, 2022, NFPA compliance deadline for all existing and newly constructed antifreeze sprinkler systems.

May 2022

Firefighting Foams and the Transition to Non-fluorinated Foams

Dewey Morrison, Business Development Manager, Foam Products North America, Johnson Controls


March 2022

Elevator Protection

Chip Updyke, Chief of Elevator Section, Ohio Department of Commerce

January 2022

Danger of Lithium-Ion Batteries

William Sudah, Honeywell Xtralis

Mr. Sudah will be discussing how to prevent thermal runaway with proper advanced detection, and why conventional gas detection practices are ineffective in thermal runaway prevention.

March 11, 2020 

Speaker: Johnathan Carl – Application Engineer – Victaulic

Johnathan will be discussing the ins and outs of pressure reducing valves and pressure relief valves. He will be covering the types, setups, testing, and design criteria.

January 8, 2020

Speaker: Rob Lloyd – Piping System Consultant – The Lubrizol Corporation

Rob will be covering code items/considerations primarily focused on antifreeze applications. He will also be discussing product offerings that will be available in the near future for antifreeze applications

November 13, 2019

Speaker: John Sather – Regional Sales Manager – Quam Nichols Company

John will be discussing mass notification methods and requirements and how Quam’s new product offering can help with mass notification design and installation.

Also-Representatives from both OSU and NCH will be in attendance for the formal check presentation from the funds raised at the annual Burn Center Outing.

May 8, 2019

Speaker: Bryan Berkley – Business Development – Viking Special Hazards

Bryan will discuss the current and new sprinkler heads relating to Storage Protection Applications.

January 9th, 2019

Jim McHugh – President – AGF Manufacturing, Inc.

Jim will be discussing corrosion detection, monitoring and prevention products, as they pertain to current NFPA codes.

November 14, 2018

Speaker: Ron Lowery – Regional Manager – Hazard Control Technologies, Inc.

Ron is an Encapsulator Technology Specialist. Ron will be discussing Encapsulator Technology as covered under NFPA 18A and it’s use for various classes of high hazards such as Class D Metals, Lithium Ion Batteries and Class A & Class B 3 dimensional applications which foams are not suitable for.

September 12, 2018 

Speaker: Jeffrey Kockelek – CEO Engineered Corrosion Solutions

Using nitrogen inerting technology for corrosion control in sprinkler systems.

September 13, 2017 

Speaker: Brad LaSance – Local Territorial Business Development Manager Victaulic Fire

Topic: 1” IGS Groove System I will be discussing the topic of The Corrosion Resistance Ratio or CRR. Things I will discuss include: What it is. Why it matters. What the difference is between 1" schedule 40 threaded and 1" schedule 10 roll grooved. What the benefits are as applied to engineers as well as owners and contractors.

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